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Piles / Hemorrhoids

Piles is a disease which form by blood vessel of rectum. It is also known as Hemorrhoid's . Anatomically three sets of blood vessels are present in rectum. Hemorrhoid'svessels are the classically 3, 7 and 11 O' clock positions of Hemorrhoid's and also known as primary piles.

Symptoms –

  1. 1 - Pain
  2. 2 - Bleeding
  3. 3 - Prolapse of some mass daring defecation .
  4. 4 - Mucous discharge from prolapsed hemorrhoids -

Causes –

  1. 1 - irregular bowel habits
  2. 2 - prolonged standing or sitting
  3. 3 - Constipation
  4. 4 - Straining during defecation
  5. 5 - Due to other associated diseases like colitis ,diarrhea etc. .
  6. 6 - Heredity

Types -

1) Internal - these are within the anal canal these are bright red or purple in colour. these are usually painless. 2) External - Situated outside the anal orifice and covered by skin.3) Intero - external - These are situated both sides internal and external. It shows just like broad root of pile mass. 4) Thrombosis - This type of hemorrhoids also called anal Hematoma or external piles. This is very painful condition. These occursclotting (thrombosis)of blood within the external pile mass.

Due to chronic conditions and symptoms there are 4 grades are found.

Grade I - When hemorrhoids do not come out from anal canal .may or may not bleeding symptoms.

Grade II - Hemorrhoids come outside only during defecationand is reduced spontaneously after defecation.

Grade III - Hemorrhoids come out only during defecation and do not return by themselves. It need to be replaced manually and then they stay reduced.

Grade IV - Hemorrhoids that are permanently prolapsed. At this stagegreat dis comfort is complained. A feeling of heaviness in the rectum isalso seen

Possible complication -

  1. 1 - Gradually increase din grading.
  2. 2 - Bleeding
  3. 3 - Thrombosis
  4. 4 - Anemia.
  5. 5 - Strangulation .

Treatments -

1) Injection Therapy - only work in 1stdegree or Igradehemorrhoids.

2) Rubber band Ligation - It was treatment of choice in small hemorrhoids of grade I & II, but now outdated because of its high failure rate.

3) Cryosurgery - It works in Istand IInd grade hemorrhoids. sometimes recurrence will befound

4) Kshar karma - Using of kshar medicines it will be done. Locally application on pile mass then waiting and then another medicines push in anal canal Due to this ksharkarma pile mass thrombosis ,shrinks then shed off 4 to 5 days.

5) Kshar Sutra Therapy - Kshar Sutra is treatment of choice in grade 2 to 4 hemorrhoids. When tied the base of hemorrhoids, leads to strangulation of vessels and the correspondingpile masses shed off in 5to 10 days. No returnee in this therapy.