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Our Treatments

1) Ayurvedic Shaman Chikitsa -

We use quality Ayurvedic medicines and fresh herbs for treating the disease .Shaman Chikitsa can be administrated after shodhanchikitsa or as an independent therapy also. This is also use to prevent recurrence of thediseases .with using the Ayurvedic principles ,diet and lifestyle .

2) Ayurvedic Shodhan chikitsa -

Shodhanchikitsa we use various therapeutic procedures like Vaman (Therapeutic emesis) Virechana (Therapeutic purgation) Basti (Therapeuticenema) Nusya (use of medicine as nasal insufflation Raktamokshan (Bloodletting the therapy). Thease procedures are under "panchkarma". These proceduresclean the Internal organs and helps in making a Doshasequilibrium and leads to detoxification of body . As a result Ayurvedicmedicines and herbs work faster thus this helps in getting rid from the disease seasily .

3) Agni karma -

Agni karma is a procedure described by Sushrutafor various diseases. It involves excision of benign growths like piles , tags, warts , or an Abscess. Unhealthy tissues using a special instrument known as Thermocautery It is a safe & bloodless procedure as the heat coagulates the blood vessels and seals them off during the procedure.

4) Ksharkarma -

Ksharkarma is a procedure which is use locally. Pratisarniyakshar ,Tikshnakshar , Madhyamkshar ,all these kshar can be use in this procedure. After use this procedure pile mass will be synchronized or freeze or blackishdark purplecolour. During this procedure we use various types of Bastitreatment also .after that the kshar karma procedure is completed.

5) The Kshar Sutra Therapy -

The Ksharsutra was first mentioned by the father of surgery sushruta. The treatment of NaadiVrana (sinus), Bhagandara (fistula in ano) Arbuda (small benign tumor) etc. used ksharsutra Smearing a sutra (thread) repeatedly in the latex ofsnuhi (Euphorbia) and Haridra (Turmeric) powder makes the ksharsutra .

Prof. Kulwantsingh at Dept. ofshalyaShalakay IPGTR and A GujaratAyurveda university Jamnagar along with his team had done the extension of kshara-sutra Usage in other ano - rectal conditions like piles (Hemorrhoids ) chronic fissure in ano with sentinel tags and other benign growths. Thousands of patients of variousano - rectal disorders were treated successfully in Jamnagar under his supervision.

In the present era ,the kshara sutra therapy is a well tested and accepted technique to treat difficult ano-rectal diseases like fistula in ano , piles (hemorrhoids ) Anal fissure Ano - rectal abscessetc .

Kshar sutra is a Para surgicalsurgicalprocedure . It has been well established by various researches and clinical trials done at various research institutes like PGI Chandigarh ICMR , CCRAS New Delhi ,Alms , New Delhi And many more.