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Fistula in Ano

Fistula is present usually in the form of a boil. boil in an area nearby to perianal region. It also known as Bhagandar. Bhagandar affine communicates through inside of anal canal or rectum. Bhagandar is a formation of a passage between perianal skin and inside of anal canal. This is known as track of fistula or Anal fistula

Symptoms –

  1. 1 - Pain when the boil appears
  2. 2 - Locallyinflammation and collection of pus.
  3. 3 - pain in perianal region at the site of boil
  4. 4 - Discharge of purulent material.
  5. 5 - Itching at the site of boil in anus

Causes –

  1. 1 - Commonly occur due to an anal abscess. Abscess usually developafter a small gland and it becomes infected
  2. 2 - It the infected fluid has not been entire drained away .
  3. 3 - Growth of ulcer an infected fissure
  4. 4 - Chronic or long term irritable bowel syndrome
  5. 5 - Repeated abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation

Type –

1) low Anal Fistula - Those Which have their track course internal opening below the anorectal ring they are called as low type or low anal

2) High anal fistula - Those which have their extension a above the ano rectal ring towards the rectum they are called as High type or high anal fistula

Treatments –

Fistula in ano is a 100% surgically curable disease. No medicines can cure the disease Completely. But In Ayurveda kshar sutra therapy is available. Kshara sutra therapy has been proved to be extremely effective in curing the fistulae of all kinds. Kshar sutra work of cutting,curetting,draining and cleaning the fistulous track.Thuspromoting healing of the track wound. Simultaneously with the cuttingthere are practically nil. chances of incontinence .