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Ano Rectal Diseases


1) Piles / Hemorrhoids -

In Ayurveda there are three types of piles or hemorrhoids .These areInternalpiles, external piles, Intero - external piles. Constipations lack of exercise, Pregnancy and delivery in females, prolonged sitting or standing way of lifestyle are some primary Conditional causes for piles. Usually painless bleeding or drops of blood, sometime large amount of blood also seen.

Ayurveda which can be used very effectively to control piles in early stages . But if the disease got chronic and prolapse become prominent.Kshar sutra therapy is advisable . It is a minor surgical procedure which is extremely effective in removing the pile masses without any bleeding or complication .

2) Fissure in ano -

This is very common in Ano - rectal disease Causing discomfort to thepatient. There occurs a tear or a crack in the skin lined part of the anal canal.

The causes of fissure are not very clear . Though a small crack, the pain and suffering inflicted by it is of great magnitude Beside, more often than note it does not heal permanently & keeps on showing its effects continuously.

Main possible reason could be trauma to the area due to passage of unusually hard stool in a constipated patient. Patients take laxatives but ultimately this leads to more contractions of the anal canal. Fissure can cure permanently by our Ayurvedic medicines and kshar sutra therapy.

3) Anal Fistula /Fistula in ano -

There is an small opening around anus , low level or high level fistula will seen. from these opening mucopurulent discharge flowsintermittently. This is due to a funnel like tract between the anal canal and the skin. By various researches and clinical trials kshar sutra therapy is well tested and well established. The kshar sutra treatment has been proved to be extremely effective in treating this disease with about 98% success rates without almost nil recurrence

4) Abscess in the ano-rectal Region-

Sushruta explains that the abscess with pus collection should be neatly drained first .This process is called as vidravan or shastrabhedana . After draining the affected area treat by vran shodhan & vran ropan therapywhich contain medicated oil and kashayas along with paste & turmericetc. is appliedlocally various herbs is applied in the treatment based on the predominance of Doshas.

5) Pilonidal Sinus -

a pilonidal sinus is occurs in the cleavage between the buttocks . Cause of this disease in mostly men that discomfort embarrassment and absence of work. This disease can be managed effectively by Kshar - sutra Therapy .

6) Anal Cryptitis and papilitis -

Cryptitis and papilitis is a localized infection of one of the anal glands, At the level of dentate line it will be seen. Fistula and abscesses can develop with untreated prolonged infection .

7) Anal Warts -

A very small size &similar to gland anal warts will be found . Sensation of this is very soft or hard , smooth or rough also . It cared by Ayurvedic medicine and some local application only

8) Etching around anus -

It found similar to fungal infection. Due to absence of oil in whole body or anal region it will be found. Some Ayurvedic medicine and panchkarma treatment this disease will be permanently cure l